Social conservatives have a lower I.Q.? (probably) | Gene Expression –


Here is an interesting article from Discover, about new research into the association between intelligence and social attitudes. In particular, the author points out how such research can be interpreted in different ways depending on your social value system. It is argued that the study in question was reported from a liberal perspective.

For example, have a look at the diagram and ask yourself the question: why aren’t the arrows pointing in the opposite direction?

The data are cross-sectional, so the direction of the arrows is entirely the choice of the researchers. Conservatives may say that the interpretation offered by the researchers reflects a liberal bias. Liberals may say that this interpretation is more parsimonious (i.e., it makes the most sense). But how can we know either way?

What additional information could we gather to elucidate causality in such contexts in ways that are immune to our personal biases?


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